Rameen Hayat, studying History and Politics at Southampton: “The teachers are always putting in 100% and they're willing to go that extra mile. If my teacher's on their break I could go through some questions with them or things I didn’t understand. Studying for A levels is hard work, but the teachers at Walworth put in every bit as much work as you to get the grades you want. The teachers are really willing to go the extra mile. One of the other things that was really great about studying at Walworth was getting a mentor who works in the Civil Service to help me apply for university and think about my career.”



Jeremy Ogunleye, Walworth and Oxford alumnus (English Language and Literature): “There were times when teachers would stay behind after school to support us.  It was help like this that enabled me to get into Oxford.  They even mentored me through the whole Oxford application process.” 






Lucky Osaro, currently doing Engineering at Surrey: “Walworth Academy has supported me a lot. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without the great staff. They helped me to develop myself, to be a better person – to aspire to do better. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to think about going to a top university.”