A more detailed overview of our courses and their content can be found in our Sixth Form Prospectus.

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Course Entry Criteria

All Courses (except Foundation)

English Language 4 & Mathematics 4


Applied Science (Ext. Dip)

Average of grade 4, with at least 4,4 in Science


6 in Fine Art or Art & Design


6 in Biology or 6,6 in Combined Science

Business (Ext. Dip)

Average of grade 4

 Chemistry 6 in Chemistry or 6,6 in Combined Science
 Community Languages  Considered on request as an additional supported, but not taught.


6 in Mathematics and 6 in an IT related qualification


6 in Mathematics and English Language

English Literature

6 in English Language and Literature


6 in French


6 in Geography where studied or 6,6 in Combined Science where not


6 in History where studied or 6 in English Literature where not

IT Practitioner (Ext. Dip)

Average of grade 4, with at least 4,4 in a Science or IT related qualification


7 in Mathematics


7 in Physics or 7,7 in Combined Science, plus 7 in Mathematics


6 in Biology or 6,6 in Combined Science, plus 6 in Mathematics


6 in English Language and a Humanities subject


6 in Spanish


Foundation Business

(3 year programme)

Average of grade 3, with English Language or Mathematics at grade 4

Courses through our Sixth Form partnership with Ark Globe Academy

These subjects will be organised into option blocks based upon the timetable, with the intention of giving students flexibility and allowing common combinations of subjects. Popular subjects are often available in more than one option block, reducing class size and avoiding potential clashes.

Our course offering is dependent on the number choosing the course. Where there is insufficient interest in a course, that course will not be run.