Core Purpose

Science is the gateway to understanding the world we live in. It gives students the opportunity to ask how and why about everything for example:  How does the moon stay in orbit?  Why is the sky blue?  How do cars work?  Why do elephants have trunks?

Our core aim is to build the scientists of the future by equipping students with the tools needed to devise a hypothesis and test it out using experiments in the laboratory.


British Values Coverage

Science embodies British values as they are important and central to sharing scientific knowledge, research and ideas.  Some scientific theories are still deemed to be controversial for some, so we explore this and look at what lots of different groups of people believe. Through this we teach students respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. 


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Coverage

On our journey through the science curriculum we ask lots of questions and use experimental evidence to support our answers to those questions. This gives us the opportunity to debate the answers to many of the topical questions that are faced by scientists in the news today. How should we test drugs?  Should drugs be used to enhance performance in sport?  Should embryo screening be used?  What is the evidence to support the theory of evolution by natural selection? Why did people not believe Darwin at the time?  Should we use radiocarbon dating to date religious artefacts such as the Turin Shroud?  Should we use genetic engineering?  How far should we take genetic engineering?  Should we genetically modify humans? Should parents choose the characteristics they want in their baby?  Why is cloning humans illegal in the United Kingdom?


CARES Coverage


Once students have a hypothesis to test out they must see the investigation through to the end so they can analyse their results and compare them with others.


Every lesson matters. There are science content to learn and skills to acquire.


Science is challenging. Great scientists didn’t come up with their theories in a day. They took time to practise, skilfully observe and analyse findings to draw a conclusion.


Each and every student must attempt everything to the best of his or her own ability.


Students are encouraged to plan their own investigations and conduct their own research.


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Last updated September 2018