Dear Families 

I'm proud to welcome you to Walworth Academy, where we seek to provide academic excellence and superb pastoral care for all in our school community. To that end, you'll find the team here at Walworth are dedicated to securing the best possible progress for students, while placing our children at the heart of all decisions, and recognising their success. 

The Walworth community is a thriving and exciting one in the heart of London, providing unique opportunities for our students which we aim to explore both inside and outside the classroom. We are proud of the diversity of opportunity such a rich community provides us with, both in terms of academic pathways and enrichment opportunities, and we seek to maximise this for all within the Walworth Academy family of learners.   

In taking up a place here at Walworth Academy, our school offers you:  

  • A school community who know and care for your child as an individual, based on family values 
  • A high-quality learning experience, securing strong progress across the key stages 
  • A curriculum tailored to ensuring the best outcomes for your child 
  • Excellent home-school communication, enabling you to support your child's education 
  • A daily experience based on the highest expectations of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and effort 

At Walworth, our goal is to ensure our students go on to be successful adults, enabled to take up their place in the world, and confident in facing the challenges and opportunities that may bring. We look forward to welcoming the next generation of children who are excited and motivated by that prospect.  

 Jessica West