Core Purpose

To empower young people to make informed decisions and take control of their own lives. To empower students to become reflective, effective and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

This purpose is pursued by using the applied life themes of:

  • Transition
  • Risk
  • Informed consent
  • Support
  • Expressing how you feel (communication)
  • Bumps in the road
  • Critical capacity
  • Childlike curiosity


British Values Coverage

Democracy - Local, national, international, active citizenship

All students take part in mock elections during national elections and referendums

The Rule of Law

Sex education and drugs education, employment and consumer rights

Individual Liberty

Celebrating our individual and unique identities and appreciating the diversity of our communities

Mutual Respect for those with Different Faiths and Beliefs

Units designed to complement RE units taught in Years 7-9 humanities.

There are Deep Learning Days on British Values for Years 7-9, which include units on:

  • Identity and belonging in multicultural and multi-faith Southwark
  • What is Democracy?
  • Bullying and Discrimination, with a focus on being an up-stander rather than a by-stander


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Coverage


Celebration of diversity – including ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion and beliefs


Celebrating individuality within a diverse society.


Mutual respect and understanding


Appreciating the similarities in our ‘moral compass’


CARES Coverage

We support and expect our students to show 100% commitment, 100% of the time always aspiring to do their best for both themselves and others.

There are also specific units which address our CARES values in more depth in both year 7 and year 8:

Year 7:             Spring 2:

Emotional Wellbeing

  1. Introduction to wellbeing
  2. Positive qualities
  3. Assertiveness
  4. Assertiveness
  5. Resilience
  6. Empathy
  7. Tonic or toxic?
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Sweet trading
  10. Kindness and gratitude
  11. Happiness across cultures

Year 8:               Autumn 1:

Growth Mindset & Resilience

  1. Intro to GM
  2. Grit
  3. Negative thoughts
  4. Overcoming obstacles
  5. Unexpected life events
  6. Values
  7. Reflection


Curriculum Coverage

  Year 7 year 8
Autumn Identity     

Transition – physical and emotional changes in the teenage years

Growth Mind set and Resilience     

Identity and Influences – Agents of Socialisation

Spring Drugs Education     

Emotional Wellbeing

Sex and Relationship Education     

Drugs Education

Summer Work Related Skills     


Mental Health     

Applied Life Themes