At Ark Walworth Academy our aim is to equip every student with the knowledge, learning power and character
necessary for success at university and beyond. We are committed to keeping children safe and to the welfare and protection of young people in order to ensure that all students thrive and reach their potential.
Every person working at the Academy shares the objective of helping to keep students safe by ensuring that all images of students are taken and stored in line with the Data Protection Act. The safe and appropriate use of images is covered as part of staff safeguarding training.
At Ark Walworth Academy we ensure that all images taken of students are used in a manner respectful of Data Protection Principles. This means that images are:

• fairly and lawfully processed and only used for limited, specifically stated purposes
• retained for no longer than is necessary
• processed in line with an individual’s legal rights
• kept securely
• adequately protected if transferred outside the Academy.

Parental consent to take images

Parents/carers are made aware of the Academy’s Image Policy through Home Visits prior to their
child starting at Ark Walworth Academy. Written parental consent to take images/videos is obtained during the visit and a copy is kept in the student’s file. Should permission be refused by a parent/carer, all members of staff are informed and any images for public use are scrutinised to ensure that the student does not appear in them. If permission is withdrawn by parents/carers at any point during a student’s time at Ark Walworth Academy, any images of them will be removed.

Use of images/videos by the Academy

Any images or videos of students that are displayed on the website or used for public display are carefully selected. Students’ full names are never given in association with images/videos placed on the website. No images of any student are taken against their wishes.

All images of students are retained on site at all times unless arrangements have been made otherwise (such as for the taking of annual portrait photographs of the children). Any member of staff who needs to take images of children off site for work purposes, appropriately protects and logs in and out of the academy any storage device containing the images and ensures it is returned. The Academy has the authority to view any images taken and/or to withdraw or modify a member of staff’s authorisation to take or make images at any time.

Ark Walworth Academy ensures that all photographs are permanently wiped from computer hard and portable drives or other relevant devices once the images are no longer of use.

Use of photos/videos by children

Still and video cameras provided for use by children (e.g. for fieldwork and other supervised off- site learning) and the images produced themselves will not be removed from the Academy.

Use of images by professional photographers

Professional photographers who are engaged to record any events work according to the terms
of the Academy’s e-Safety policy. They sign an agreement which ensures compliance with the Data Protection Act and they do not have unsupervised access to students.

Use of images by the media

Only pre-agreed personal information (e.g. first names only) can be published alongside images and videos. No authorisation will be given to unscheduled visits by the press under any circumstances.

Staff use of personal devices to take photos/videos of students

Staff should endeavour to use the school cameras and devices to take photos/videos, however in rare cases this may not be possible and staff may miss an opportunity to capture a positive moment. If staff need to take photos/videos on their personal devices they should upload it to the T drive within 24 hours and wipe the data from their personal devices at the same time.

WA Responsible Use of Student Image Policy.pdf 
Updated June 2016