The purpose of our E-Safety policy, or related policies, is to educate and protect our students from the risks of:

  1. Content - being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material
  2. Contact - being subjected to harmful online interactions with other users
  3. Conduct -personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm

(DFE Keeping Children Safe in Education – Statutory guidance for schools and colleges)

These policies apply to all permanent, temporary and guests of the Ark Walworth Academy who have access to and are users of the Ark Walworth Academy IT systems, both in and out of school.


Ark Walworth Academy will safeguard and educate students about e-safety through a high quality curriculum delivered through a range of mediums:

  • Regular assemblies educating and addressing e-safety issues and the related legislation
  • Dedicated curriculum time in PSHE, Deep Learning Days and IT lessons
  • Targeted workshops to address high priority current issues related to e-safety, e.g. sexual grooming, extremism and sexting
  • Dedicated lessons to teach students about acknowledging the source of information and use of copyright (plagiarism)
  • All staff acting as positive role models in their use of IT within and outside of school
  • Students signing the Responsible Use of IT agreement

All staff, students, parents and visitors should behave and interact to endorse our culture of Tell Us.

Supporting Parents

Ark Walworth Academy will provide at least 3 workshops a year so that parents learn how to keep their child safe online and how to monitor their child’s activity on social media. Similarly throughout the year we will remind parents of our policies and the web sites they can access to seek guidance. On the AWA web site, the Parents Forum includes approved web sites to support parents and students.

Steering Group

The purpose of this group is to ensure that the policies and systems are fully operational and implemented. Their priority is to safeguard students, staff and the Ark organisation. They will meet at least 4 times a year or more often if necessary.

Title Name Role Priority
Governor Josie Verghese Safeguarding Governor To carry out the Governors statutory duties to safeguard students, to support and challenge in order that all safeguarding policies and strategies and fully implemented to have maximum impact in safeguarding students.
IT Manager Ark Central High security, auditing, reporting and addressing breaches Securing the safety of all users through high level filters. Enabling continual access and use for users with no disruption, training of staff.
Operations Director Elesha Miller Implementation and update of the policies, staff commitment and understanding of policies. Safeguarding  students  and staff  through securing effective systems and Management of the IT Managers
HOD IT Lonny Amoko Student on line safety curriculum and assemblies, staff training, support with parent training/workshops, support with school web site. Student online safety, students' knowledge of risk and how to avoid being at risk
SLT line manager Rebekah Williams  Plan and ensure implementation of staff training and understanding, direct linking to safeguarding policy and  related referrals and reporting, reporting to Governors. Safeguarding students, ensure student curriculum is fully implemented and student issues readily addressed as necessary

The steering group will report to the Principal and Governors as required.

Whilst the Steering Group will direct and lead, it is the duty of every member of staff to prioritise the safeguarding of our students by:

  • Being vigilant
  • Reporting and addressing any suspicion or issue related to student safety
  • Teaching the students about how to keep themselves safe online and how to avoid being a victim online
  • Fully implementing the school’s policies
  • Taking deliberate action when students are seen in possession of digital devices on school site


For further information please see the below documents:

 WA E-Safety Policy

Responsible use of Digital Technology for students

Responsible Use of Student Images Policy

UKCCIS: Sexting in schools and colleges: Responding to incidents and safeguarding young people

Ark Social Media Guidelines


Need advice about E-Safety alongside the E-safety policy

https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/14_plus/: advice for students and parents

https://www.disrespectnobody.co.uk/: advice related to dealing with sexting and online relationships

https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/social-media-guides: safety features on social networks and reports with recent data


Last updated September 2020