Policy and procedure to address bullying

1.Vision Statement

At Ark Walworth Academy, we believe that pupils will learn best in a safe and calm community that is free from disruption and in which education is the primary focus. The Academy works to promote an ethos of good behaviour where pupils treat one another and the school staff with respect. We aim to create an inclusive environment where pupils can openly discuss the cause of their bullying, without fear or further bullying or discrimination and where pupils are not afraid to challenge and stand up for what they know is right. We will challenge derogatory and discriminatory language whenever we hear it.

This policy sits within the school behaviour policy and supports the schools values of promoting equality and ensuring safeguarding for all members of the school community.

It is communicated to all staff, parents and pupils on an annual basis and reviewed/ updated biannually. This policy is communicated to prospective parents as part of the schools behaviour policy.

The school is aware of the statutory responsibility to discipline pupils for poor behaviour outside of the school premises. Section 89(5) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 gives headteachers the power to regulate pupils’ conduct when not on school premises. This can relate to any bullying incidents occurring anywhere off the school premises.

The measures which the head teacher determines under subsection (1) may, to such extent as is reasonable, include measures to be taken with a view to regulating the conduct of pupils at a time when they are not on the premises of the school and are not under the lawful control or charge of a member of the staff of the school


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Last reviewed: September 2017

Date of next review: September 2018