Year 7 science blog

Welcome to the new year 7 science blog!  This covers the work done by the four science classes in the ‘W’ side at Walworth Academy and lets parents know what their child has been learning about in science!

The students are currently coming to the end of a topic on cells and reproduction. In class they have been doing a number of activities, including group work, presentations and practicals

The start of the topic saw the students working out what makes something alive.  Here are 3 students in 7W4 teaching the rest of the class about one of the 7 life processes.

The students then went on to look at cells.  In one lesson they used microscopes to look at onion cells, they had to prepare the samples themselves which was quite a skill in itself!

To help the students remember the basic structures of plant and animal cells, they were asked to make model cells. You can see Rio using his model plant cell to help identify the structures in plant cells. The other two photos show members of 7W4 teaching each other about the differences between animal and plant cells

Following this, the topic went on to cover specialised cells.  Please ask your child to give you some examples of specialised cells! This is an example of a sheet 7W4 were given as a ‘do now’ activity in one of their lessons:

After cells, the year 7’s learnt about tissues and organs.  Here are a couple of pictures of Ms Gaur’s class watching the dissection of a real set of heart and lungs!

Your child should be aware of their target levels in all their subjects and the will soon be getting their attainment grades for this term. To help you understand what they need to do to achieve each level we have attached below a copy of the criteria:

  Level 3
3c Know that all organisms are made from cells
3b Name a part of a cell
3a Name some parts of a cell
  Level 4
4c Identify and name features of a cell
4b Describe some differences between animal and plant cells
4a Decide whether a cell is an animal or plant cell just by looking at its organs
  Level 5
5c Identify and name all features of a cell and describe the functions of the parts of the cell
5b Describe four differences between animal and plant cells
5b Describe how new cells are formed
5a Explain how growth occurs (mentioning how cells divide and expand)
5a Describe how cells are grouped to form tissues
  Level 6
6c Explain why viruses are not cells
6b Name some specialised cells
6a Describe how each of the cells are specialised to carry out particular jobs