Walworth Celebrates St George's Day

Friday 29 April 2016

On Saturday 23rd April the whole country celebrated St. George’s day. With it also being the Queens 90th Birthday, we wanted to celebrate here at the academy. Throughout the week the topic of P.H.S.E was set around St. George with a quiz to see how much the students knew about England. On Wednesday 20th of April we gave the students the chance to have a traditional pie & mash lunch from Arments Pie and Mash shop. We asked students what it meant for them to be English and many of the responses we received focused around being able to get a good education that would set them up for a good job in later life. With that in mind we arranged for the whole of year 9 to attend a career fair at Goldsmith University. The students were able to meet and ask questions to a number of different businesses and universities. They were given the opportunity to get an insight into their chosen careers. A year 9 student said “It was really nice to learn about St. George's day and learn so interesting facts about the past. I also got some really good advice from the careers fair. For example the grade requirements for my chosen future career. I absolutely I loved eating the pie and mash, it was a brilliant week.”