Walworth Academy takes on Dell’s Powering Transformation Challenge

Monday 02 June 2014

Year 9 Computing – Summer Term

Powering Transformation is a project that has been developed by education charity, the Transformation Trust and supported by Dell.  During the last few  weeks, we have been loaned various Dell kit including laptops, tablets, an all in one PC( bit like a Mac) and a projector that this WI-FI enabled.

Pupils were working in groups to identify a local social challenge or issue that they are passionate about. Teams then worked  together to create two parallel representations using the technology: one illustrating how they see their community now; the other showing how they would like their community to be.  The project gave young people exposure to the latest technology and they learnt skills about working on a project.

Read more about the project at Walworth Academy in a well known computing magazine: