Walworth Academy Parent Group

Tuesday 09 September 2014

At Walworth Academy we aim to ensure that all our Parents and Carers concerns are heard in order to support their child’s education. We have the following opportunities in place to involve Parents and Carers in the quest to raise standards and achievements and improve the quality of life within the Academy:

  1. Parent Council
  2. Parent Drop In
  3. Parent Subject Workshops


1.Parent Council

The Parent Council is body of parents which represents parents and provides a forum for them to put forward their views to the head teacher and governing body of Walworth Academy. The council meet once every half term.


Parent Council Meetings

  • Thursday 9th October 2014
  • Thursday 20th November 2014
  • Thursday 29th January 2015
  • Thursday 5th March 2015
  • Thursday 21st May 2015
  • Wednesday 17th June 2015

Sessions will run from: 17:30 - 18:30

If you would like to become part of the Parent Council or have any questions, please contact Ms Radich at vradich@walworthacademy.org.


2.Parent Drop In

This is an informal drop in session where Parents and Carers are welcome to come in for 10 minutes or stay for the hour. It is an opportunity to meet and talk with other parents and carers. Furthermore, a member of the Academy’s Leadership Team will be present and will be able to answer any questions or queries about your child’s learning.

These sessions give you the opportunity to:

  • Meet other parents
  • Meet members of the school staff
  • Get  further support for your child’s education
  • Have your say

You are more than welcome to attend any of our Parent Drop In sessions:

  • Friday 18th September 2014
  • Wednesday 15th October 2014
  • Tuesday 18th November 2014
  • Friday 12th December 2014
  • Thursday 15th January 2015
  • Wednesday 25th February 2015
  • Tuesday 24th March 2015
  • Friday 24th April 2015
  • Thursday 21st May 2015
  • Wednesday 10th June 2015

Sessions will run from: 09:15 - 10:30

3.Parent Subject Workshops

The purpose of this workshop is to help support Parents and Carers with their child’s learning and progress in the subject. The workshop also provides an opportunity to ask the subject Departments any questions or address any concerns. The sessions will be interactive with lots of opportunity to participate.


The session structure will include:

  • A short presentation on the subject
  • An overview of the subject curriculum
  • An opportunity to ask questions

The sessions are open to all Parents and Carers of pupils in Year7 – Year10:

  • English Workshop – Thursday 2nd October 2014
  • Maths Workshop – Wednesday 12th November 2014
  • Science Workshop – Wednesday 21st January 2015
  • Humanities Workshop – Wednesday 4th March 2015
  • Art Workshop – Wednesday 13th May 2015

Sessions will run from: 17:00 - 18:00