Walworth Academy - GCSE Results 2013

Thursday 22 August 2013

Walworth Academy is celebrating a strong performance in this year’s GCSE results, its sixth as Walworth Academy. 60% of students achieved at least 5 A*- C grades including English and mathematics, a rise of 33 percentage points since the school opened as an academy in 2007.

  • 81% achieved A* – C grades in mathematics - up from just 37% in 2007
  • 82% achieved A* – C in English – up from 48% in Walworth School in 2007

Principal Yvonne Powell said:

“We are all very pleased with pupils’ achievements this year. The results represent a good performance from students and staff and I congratulate them very warmly. In the six years since Walworth became an ARK academy it has more than doubled GCSE attainment. Several students performed particularly well and are going on to study for A levels as part of Walworth Academy sixth form:"

  • Sami Makanjuola 7 A* and 2 A grades
  • Yehowocef Miles 3 A* and 6 A grades
  • Bukunmi Odunaiya 7 A and 2 B grades
  • Deiby Sanchez Gutierrez 3 A*, 6 A grades and 2 B grades
  • Muhammed Uddin 1 A*, 5 A grades and 3 B grades

Ms Powell added that: “We aspire for all our students to excel in their achievements and staff are particularly proud of students whose results exemplify the ethos of "no excuses" in terms of attainment.” She singled out the following students who had overcome particular barriers to live up to the academy’s goal of “being the best that we can be”:
Emmanuel Asante – arrived from Ghana midway through Year 10, achieving 1- A*-C grades including English and maths, with a B grade in maths and a B in core Science.

Sena Chin – arrived from Ghana at the start of Year 10, achieving 7 A*-C grades including A grades in English and maths with a distinction star in BTEC Performing Arts.

Zak Jaques – despite on-going medical issues Zak achieved 8 A*-C grades including English and maths, with B grades in English, English Literature and maths.

Jessica Wu – arrived in April 2012, a native Chinese speaker, achieving 7 A*-C including English and maths with an A grade in maths and an A* in Chinese.

“Our aim is that 100% of Walworth Academy achieve five A*-Cs at GCSE including English and mathematics. We are determined to ensure the best possible life chances for our students by maximising the strengths of every student. Our students and staff are united in our ambitions and we are determined that more and more of our students will gain the qualifications and grades that open the doors to good universities.”