Thinking about Hate – Box Clever Theatre Visit Walworth Academy

Friday 19 October 2018

On Thursday, Our Year 8 students were enthralled by this week’s curriculum extending performance of ‘The hate Play’ by Box Clever Theatre Company. Staff and students alike were struck by the slick scene changes and realism of the performance which uncovered our thoughts and reactions to different shades of bullying and isolation. Year 11 Drama students had the added ‘immersive’ experience of being on the stage during the performance, scrutinised by onlookers to see what their reactions were. With Huge Thank to Box Clever Theatre Company and their team.



Thank you so much for welcoming our production of The Hate Play to Walworth Academy so warmly yesterday and for the wonderful comments that you both made about the performance, emails which I have forwarded to Michael, our Artistic Director, and to the actors.  Mr Lodge, you looked after the team so well and the atmosphere in the hall, especially with the mixture of ages in the audience with both Year 8 and Year 11 being fully engaged and enthusiastic, meant that they felt that it was one of their best performances on the tour so far.  And yes, we would love to come back!

Callie Brown

Box Clever Theatre Company