Simon Goldblatt QC Visits Walworth Academy

Tuesday 28 June 2016

On Monday 20th of June, Simon Goldblatt QC visited Walworth Academy. Mr Goldblatt had sent a handwritten letter asking to meet our head boy, Ahmed Roble, after reading an Evening Standard article about Ahmed winning a scholarship to Eton College. Mr Goldblatt is a British barrister and was a Liberal Party politician. He was educated at Eton, where he was captain of the school, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Simon asked to meet so he could share his knowledge and experience of the college with Ahmed.

Mr Goldblatt was welcomed by the principal and Ahmed before they sat down to talk. Having gone to Eton in 1941, Mr Goldblatt was one of the only Jewish people there. However, he did not let being part of a minority stop him from being successful. Simon spoke about his journey in life, including his achievements and the barriers he has had to overcome.

Ahmed said of the meeting "It was amazing to speak with Mr Goldblatt, as it really opened my eyes to his view and experience of Eton. From our conversation, Mr Goldblatt emphasised the need for me to "be myself" and to always hold my head up high. It was very helpful and eye-opening to hear about somebody else's journey and how they succeeded after attending Eton. It has made me want to strive for even more success and has highlighted the necessity for me to take advantage of the opportunities I will have at Eton, provided I achieve the grades I need in my GCSE's in August".

Mr Goldblatt made quite an impression on Ahmed giving him solid advice he can take with him in his future.