Ofsted Report

Monday 05 March 2018

This school continues to be good.

Extract from Ofsted report

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection. You and your leadership team put the well-being, learning and progress of pupils at the heart of everything you do. You have developed the school as a family, confident of its place in the local community but never complacent and always striving to do better. These school values are clearly communicated to pupils, who articulated them well in conversation with inspectors. Pupils thrive in this aspirational, challenging and caring ethos. 

Leaders at all levels work effectively, showing good capacity for further improvement. This, together with strong teaching, is having a positive impact on pupils’ learning and progress across the school. This is particularly true in the sixth form, where, in 2017, students’ progress was consistently above average across the range of academic and vocational qualifications.

Initiatives such as the school’s focus on purposeful talk in classrooms are also beginning to make a difference. Staff are knowledgeable about the purpose of structured talk and fully committed to ensuring that pupils benefit from opportunities to improve their communication skills and deepen their understanding

School leaders know that further work needs to be done so that outcomes in mathematics are as good as in English; some inconsistencies in teaching remain, particularly in the extent to which most-able pupils are challenged.

Governors know the school very well and keep a close eye on the range of school information so that they can provide the challenge and support needed to bring about further improvement. Through governors’ panels, they have developed a key role in supporting pupils who may be at risk of exclusion and their families. The Ark schools’ network supports the school effectively, for example making sure that assessments are accurate and interpreting pupils’ progress information. Ark consultants provide valuable support for teaching and subjects when required.

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