Micro Tyco - Sixth Form

Wednesday 04 January 2017

Deloitte, the world renowned consulting company, visited the academy and gave the Sixth Form students an opportunity to take part in their Micro Tyco initiative. The students were to get into teams and come up with a money making idea for the month of November that they could set up with just £1. Each group of students pitched their ideas and those chosen ran their ideas with all profits going to the WildHearts charity. The WildHearts Group launches companies that through their activities and profits deliver entrepreneurship education and microfinance in developing countries. One team of students ran a tuck shop and did admin for staff in return for donations. One of the most popular ideas was the football tournament put on for the younger years. The idea that won the challenge and raised the most money was the team of girls who turned the common room into a salon every Friday and did hair and make-up. All resources used were donated to them by nail and beauty shops. They also visited the Golden Oldies a group of elderly community members who gather weekly at a local community hall to socialise with each other. The elderly ladies loved getting pampered and having their nails done. In total students raised £640.10! A huge well done to all Sixth Form students involved.