AS/ A-level results

Thursday 15 August 2013

This year’s A level results, including equivalencies, have seen an increase in the number of students achieving A*-C which is 74% and is a 5% increase on the 2012 results. Similarly, the A*-B results have increased by 2% to 50%.

We are very pleased and encouraged by this increase but we are certainly not complacent and aspire to even higher attainment.

The Maths, History and English Literature are particularly strong results and exemplify our focus on the essential A level core offer that will open doors to such a full range of courses and opportunities:

Maths A/A* - 40%
Maths A*-B - 60%
Maths A*-C - 80%
Maths A*-D - 100%
Maths A*-E

English Literature A/A* - 12%
English Literature A*-B - 62%
English Literature A*-C - 87%
English Literature A*-D - 87%
English Literature A*-E - 100%

History A/A*
History A*-B - 60%
History A*-C - 100%
History A*-D
History A*-E

In the sciences Biology and Physics both achieved 100% A*-D grades.

There have also been some exceptional outcomes for particular individuals:

  • Tunde Alao - achieved A, A and B and plans to go on to study Computer Sciences at The Imperial.
  • Luck Osara – achieved A*, A and B and is going to Surrey University to study engineering.
  • Najib Uddin - achieved A, A, A*, A and is going to study Biomedicine at Kings College.
  • Suhana Akhtar - achieved great results in level 3 Business Studies D* D* D* (equivalent to A/A*).
  • Theo Ferdinand achieved D*D*D* in IT.

These are a few of our particular successes but I am proud of all of my students as over 96% now have their place at university so that they can go on to become highly educated and highly successful people. ‘Well done to all of you!’

We shall continue to drive high standards and high expectations of ourselves and our students. We know that with hard work and high quality teaching, we can achieve even greater success at Walworth Academy and we will.

Yvonne Powell