"Keeping your child safe - clown craze"

Monday 10 October 2016


Dear parents/carers,

You may have seen recent articles in the media regarding “creepy clown sightings” which is a series of sightings of people dressed as clowns and frightening people. This has been reported across the UK.

I have been advised by police and members of the Youth Engagement & Safer Schools Team that there have been a number of clown related incidents in Southwark over the last week whereby messages have been received by schools or pupils stating ‘the clowns are coming’.

Sgt Mel Sutherland of the Met Police said: “We believe this to be part of a much larger prank which is currently sweeping across the US and parts of the UK. This could lead to public order offences, arrest and a criminal record. We would urge people to refrain from such activity.”

Should your child receive any such messages via social media or otherwise, please dial 101, to report it to the Police. Similarly, your child should also inform their form tutor. We will continue to be very proactive and vigilant and will do all that we can to ensure that all students feel safe and happy.

Please note that Walworth Academy will be open as normal throughout the week and expect all students to attend school every day of the week from 8:20am to 3:25pm.

Yours sincerely,


Mr D. Agui

Vice Principal

Walworth Academy