HSBC visit – How to become a banker

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Nine students currently studying Applied Business Studies GCSE from Year 10 went on an exciting and educational visit to the HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf. The students accompanied by Miss Docherty and Mr Wright, discovered how to present themselves in a business setting and learn what it takes to take become a banker. The emphasis was all about getting the best grades possible at GCSE, doing solid academic A Levels and getting a good degree from a Russell Group University. That and a passion to succeed will lead to a career in one of the world’s largest banks. 

The students got to access parts of the building normally restricted to most employees! They got to go up the HSBC tower and sit in the prestigious HSBC board room, which was simply awe inspiring. The students really appreciated the experience, which was organised by the Into University Group.

Maybe in 10 years’ time we’ll see one of these bright business minds sit as part of the board for HSBC!