GCSE Results

Friday 30 August 2019

We are proud to announce the excellent achievements of Walworth Academy students at GCSE level this year, mirroring the fantastic performance of their Key Stage 5 peers earlier in the summer. Congratulations to Walworth Academy’s class of 2019! 

Blessing Iwuchukwu said upon opening her results “I feel so great, I feel like a star!” Blessing achieved a grade 6 or above in every subject and grade 9s in both Maths and Art.  Jaffar Hassan also enjoyed success with a portfolio of Strong Passes, featuring 9s in Maths, History and English Literature. He said of his achievement “Today is just the best day!” 

With the support of staff, students have achieved some excellent results of which they can be proud. The English department have once again exceeded national averages by a significant margin, with 77% of students securing the Standard Pass and an impressive 62% achieving the Strong Pass. Results across the academy have built on the achievements of last year to secure improved rates of progress and attainment at all national benchmarks. As an example of this, 31% of students achieved the Standard Pass at the English Baccalaureate, a combination of subjects enabling students to demonstrate their abilities across a wide range of subjects, including the humanities and modern foreign languages. In this measure, Walworth Academy students have achieved significantly in excess of national scores, demonstrating our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum.  

As ever, we offer our thanks to the whole Walworth Academy Family for their support in helping students to fulfil their potential. We are grateful for the efforts of staff and of families in providing encouragement and challenge to their children throughout their education with us. We offer again our congratulations to the young people themselves, and we wish them well on the next step of their journey, including the record numbers staying on at Walworth Academy Sixth Form.