Futures Theatre Company

Wednesday 28 November 2018

On Thursday 15th November,  Walworth Drama and the school pastiral team were delighted to host Futures Theatre company with their cautionary piece ' Underwater Love'.

The slick, professional and captivating performance held our year 9 students in rapt silence with occasional gasps and genuine reactions to the unfolding story of what to do when your trust is broken with a single misused photograph.

Ms Banseka, Mr Lodge and Mr T Gardner were all immensely proud of our students who took part in the after-show forum; in particular of students who ventured up to the stage  recreating and redirecting the outcomes of different characters' decisions.

Walworth Drama would like to thank Lizzie Vogler of Futures Theatre for organising sponsorship of this important educational tour visit as part of Walworth's extended PSHE and drama approach to anti bullying week.

Mr Lodge