Exam Success!

Thursday 01 September 2016

We celebrated the success of our students on Thursday 25th of August.


Read below for an insight into their journeys to triumph!





Arash joined Ark Walworth in Year 9 after moving with his family from Iran. He got seven As, two Bs and a Distinction star.  He said, "I’m feeling pretty great as I absolutely didn’t think it was going to go this way. I got good results, so I’m happy!

"I had doubts about myself and the way I did in the tests. I was a bit stressed. But it went good – so revising paid off.

"My family left Iran mainly because I wanted a better education and a better future. I spoke some English when I moved over. I started studying English in my country - but it wasn’t proper English, just the words and how to greet someone. But I learnt more over here, bit by bit, by interacting with people. And then I came to school and it got better and better. And now I’m sitting here with these results.

"I’m staying on at Walworth Academy Sixth Form and I’m planning to do Maths, Physics, Economics or Computing. It’s a bit challenging. It’s going to be university after that. All of my teachers at Walworth have helped me. I would definitely recommend this academy. It gets good results, so I guess that’s a good thing!"






I felt very nervous this morning. I was unsure about what I would get for my A-level prospects, but now that I’ve seen them I am reassured, it feels great.

I got 3 A*s, 4 As and 3 Bs with a distinction star as well, so I’m pleased with my results. I was most worried about English for sure as prior to doing the exams I was a B sort of grade and I was astonished when I saw I got an A* and an A.

I’ve been at the school since Y7. I got a lot of support from the teachers. Especially my maths teacher Mr Amasowomwan maths and Miss Toworfe who has been my English teacher. I wasn’t that stressed about GCSEs from Y7-Y9 but when I got to Y10 and 11 I thought I better get my game on. I studied and revised every day and it seems like it has paid off.

My dad’s got high expectations so this has just crossed the boundaries enough, my mum will be over the top! My other relatives as well want to find out what I got. I won’t be shy in telling them these grades. Some of my family have been to university, and they are hoping I’ll be the next one.






I got 4As, 4 Bs and 1A* and 1D*. I’m feeling really good. I did a lot better than what I thought I would do.

My passion is music – I’m going into Music. For my Sixth Form I’m going to the Brit School. I just followed music from a young age and decided only recently that I wanted to go into that rather than the academic route.

My main instrument is piano but I also play violin, guitar, bass, drums. There’s loads of pop artists that have inspired me, such as Ed Sheeran, Jessie, J and Adele, Their music really moves me. There’s also classics like Amy Winehouse and all those jazz singers and the bands that make music together just from feeling. And that’s what I’m really interested in.

I’ve been here since Y7. My music teachers have been really helpful and have inspired me also. They teach in a way that makes you want to learn, and makes you eager, There’s also Ms Powell who gives us lots of opportunities and the resources we need. And she is very motivational as well.

In the middle so secondary school I was kind of lost, I didn’t know what to do. Obviously at that time we had to choose what we wanted to do, what kind of courses we wanted to take. But I just thought about what I enjoyed the most and what I could do without losing motivation.

Iven to told my family yet. I’m gonna tell them when I get home. I live with my parents, my siblings – three brothers and sister. And my grandma and auntie live with me as well. At first, obviously my parents wanted me to go into a profession with loads of money. But they realised that I can do a lot with music and that I’m really into music and they know I have the drive to continue with that.





I got 6A* equivalent and 4As. I am really pleased. I wasn’t really expecting them to be honest but I put in a lot of hard work so I’m really happy that I got them.

I was quite nervous this morning, I didn’t sleep very well last night. But I’m really really happy today with what I’ve achieved.

I’ve been here since Y7. Without the school I don’t think I could have achieved a fraction of what I achieved. The teachers go the extra mile, work with me before and after school. Basically pushing me throughout all my studies. I don’t think I could have achieved what I achieved without the school.

The whole history department helped me. My English teacher Miss Toworfe I’ve had her for four out of the five years I’ve been at Walworth and she’s been like a big driving force. My maths teacher and the Spanish dept. My engineering teacher Mr Fiberesima. My two science teachers, Myint and Mr Karim.

As soon as I leave I’m going to give my family a call. I live with my dad, my mum, my grandma, my two younger brothers and my older sister. I live in Brixton, near Angeltown, Not on the estate. It’s not a bad area but could be a lot better in terms of community spirit.

Personally I don’t just get good grades. I’m not naturally intelligent if that exists. But I put in a lot of hard work and effort. The hours that I’ve spent in the school sitting with teachers, going through extra work. I think that’s what helped me to get the grades. One of the exams towards the beginning I though went really badly. Actually I got an A but that drove me to put in hard work for subsequent exams.

I’m going to Eton College to do History, English Lit, Spanish and Govt and Politics at Eton College. I want to study History or History and Politics at Oxford or Cambridge.