Engineering Development Trust (EDT) Project : Energy and your school

Friday 19 July 2013

The whole project about saving energy in school. It literally taught me a lesson! I found out new ways to save and create energy from the other schools at the competition event held at City University. Also I learned how to manage time and work under pressure. It really was enjoyable when we went to the final event where we displayed our model and presented our report to a panel of judges from the STEM industry.

During the final presentation we had many students and teachers from different schools who were fascinated by our project and impressed by how we completed our work so it was good to feel proud and have pride in our work even if we didn't win. We worked hard for 10 weeks, staying back at school on the last week to get everything completed. So when we did, it was like a whole load was taken off our shoulders. Overall I enjoyed the experience of going to the company, the workers come to school and the final event altogether. We would also like to thank the engineers Ben Shaw, Andy Hudspith, Mick Caldwell and Ian Arden from Costain, the UK’s leading international engineering company for mentoring and assisting us with this project.

Our team members:

  • Danial Abyat – Year 9
  • Maggie Dang – Year 9
  • Haddy Senghore – Year 9
  • Alfred Senda – Year 9
  • Zak Snelgrove – Year 9
  • Jack Burt – Year 7
  • Guilherme Gomes De Figueiredo – Year 7
  • Gerti Pergjini – Year 7

Maggie Dang (Year 9)