Creative Writing Club trip to Saison Poetry Library

Monday 11 June 2012

On Wednesday 16th May, the Creative Writing Club visited the Saison Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre.  The poetry library only stocks poetry books and is completely unique in London.  It was a first visit to the iconic Southbank Centre for most of the group and we enjoyed the singing lift on the way to the library. 

We enjoyed a library tour and then had a guided poetry writing session with Chris McCabe, which focussed on science as a theme.  The activities help you to write poems in a short space of time.  Each student wrote 3 poems in half an hour!

There were wooden boxes on the table and at the end of the session Chris revealed that these were specially built kaleidoscopes! When we looked inside we were surprised to see landscapes in space and we had to pretend we were astronauts to describe what we saw.

To finish our trip we ate our packed lunch at the Southbank centre and enjoyed the views of Westminster across the river.