Anti-bullying week at Walworth Academy

Friday 15 November 2013

Starting 18th November, it's Anti-Bullying Week at Walworth Academy.

Bullying is deliberately harmful or hurtful behaviour, repeated over a period of time either by an individual or a group. It is difficult or impossible for victims of bullying to defend themselves. We work together to ensure bullying is NEVER tolerated.




Walworth Academy:

All students should show mutual respect and care for one another

Students are expected to support each other

Students will not gossip or bully others



Be aware of the different forms of bullying (including cyberbullying)

Never stand by and watch bullying happen

Always report bullying to an adult: Tutor, Learning Mentor, or another teacher



Actively promote anti-bullying

Intervene as soon as bullying is observed

Ensure any incident of bullying is passed on to:

The Inclusion Manager (Ms Foster), Small School Teams, or Leadership Team

Investigate the incident fully

Work with victim, bully and the parents of both.

Record the incident, the action taken and any further action

Check within five (05) days that the victim feels the situation has been resolved