The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

At Walworth Academy, all A-level students in Year 12 complete the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (AQA). Not only does this allow students to explore a topic in academia that they are passionate about, but it is also hones skills which are vital for Higher Education and heavily sought after by universities.

The EPQ is equivalent to half of a full A-Level qualification and provides students with UCAS points, as well as often being a factor considered by admissions tutors. Alongside their own independent research, students undergo an intense taught skills programme of at least 30 hours which is spent developing a range of academic skills which are essential for the overall success of the project. Some of these hours are spent in a classroom setting, but there are also opportunities for students to develop skills using outside agencies and higher education institutions.

As part of the academic tutoring provision at Walworth, students also have a dedicated subject specialist supervisor who is able to provide advice and guidance. Depending on the choice of project, it will either culminate in a 5,000 word report or an artefact and a 1,000 word report to accompany the artefact, with all projects completed by the end of Year 12.