Core Purpose

To equip our young people with the communication skills in both writing and speaking, needed to be successful adults in society.

We are proud of our achievements and wish to highlight our progress:

Percentage of students achieving A* - C in English Language at GCSE level

2017 (4+)  - 70%

2016 - 72%

2015 - 64%

Percentage of students achieving A* - C in English Literature at GCSE level

2017 (4+) - 77%

2016 - 69%

2015 - 64%

British Values Coverage

The selection of texts studied addresses a number of important social and historical issues that are still relevant today. We strive to tackle these issues in an open and inclusive way where every student feels safe and secure in developing and expressing their beliefs. The texts we study, covering a range of literature from key British writers from Elizabethan England to contemporary writers, often deal with areas of British Values. An example of this is ‘Animal Farm’ which we study in year 8, focusing on the core British Value of democracy.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Coverage

Cultural themes underpin the study of English Literature as genres and texts are compared and contrasted, discussed and evaluated. For example each year group studies texts with a clear focus on SMSC. In year 7 we study ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with a focus on morality and ‘Oliver Twist’ where we examine the social and historical context of Victorian England. Similarly, in year 8 we explore the issue of colonialism through Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest.’ In year 9 students study the classic novel of Jane Eyre where we examine gender equality and contextual influences. Furthermore, at GCSE we study a variety of forms. There is a focus on poetry from a wide range of cultures allowing students to celebrate diversity and the contribution of a variety of global communities in modern Britain. Additionally, students engage with the issues of social responsibility in ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘A Christmas Carol.’ GCSE students also study Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, focusing in part on youth violence, gender roles and patriarchal societies.


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Last updated September 2018