The Walworth Fund provides an opportunity to make a donation to the school and its initiatives every year. Our Governors agree the priorities annually and have generously also enabled match funding for any monies raised up to £150,000. This means your donation is doubled!

This year, we have prioritised the work being done at school to educate our cohort of refugees. The initiatives we aim to fund are:

  • In school translation to enable our school to support the best integration of our first language Farsi and Pashto speakers.
  • Specialist counselling to support young people experiencing grief or displacement trauma
  • Provision of basic clothing and equipment, such as PE kits, uniform and stationery
  • English language and IT tuition for family members - we can host this at school during evenings and weekends but need to recruit course leaders to help families with English and IT literacy in order to enable better integration for them and their children.

Ark Walworth Academy was featured on BBC News on Wednesday 20 October

If you'd like to support with a donation of any size at all, please complete the online form below.

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