AS Sociology

What is this course about?

Sociology is the study of our society, of its people and their behaviour. If you want to understand society and explore why it is the way it is then AS Sociology will offer you a general introduction to the subject. You will examine the structure of society, social institutions such as the family, the education system and crime and deviance. Also, issues of power and inequality experienced by different social groups, with a focus on gender, ethnicity and social class. You will learn how to think about the social world in a way that goes beyond our normal "common-sense" understanding.


What do I need to get on the course?

You must satisfy the general entry criteria for A Level courses which are based on your GCSE results general entry requirements for AS Levels

In addition, to do this course you must achieve at least a grade C in GCSE English Language and preferably a B in another relevant written subject such as Humanities, History, Religious Education, or Geography.


What will I study?

In AS Sociology you will explore the core themes as Socialisation, Social Inequality and differentiation, culture and identity, power and control within the topics of the family and education. You will also learn about the general theories and methods of research that Sociologists have developed in order to study society. Assessment will be through two modular exams.

If you are successful on the AS course you can go on to A2-Level. In A2 Sociology you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the core themes of Sociology within topics such as Religion, Crime and Deviance, and Mass Media. You will also continue to learn about Sociological theory and research methods when studying these topics. Assessment will be through two modular exams.


What qualification will I get?

AS Sociology after the first year of study. A-Level Sociology after the second year.


What can I do after the course?

Sociology equips you with a range of skills and knowledge which are good preparation for degrees in a wide variety of humanities and social sciences courses. It is an excellent subject for developing your ability to think. Past students have gone on to a range of degree courses and occupations.