Our principles

All pupils need to know that their languages, experiences, racial backgrounds and cultures are acknowledged, valued and respected.

All pupils are entitled to have the opportunity to develop their English language and home language skills through the provision of an appropriate curriculum in a safe learning environment.

Walworth is fortunate to have a well-established EAL department catering for the needs of recently-arrived pupils who are developing their English language skills.


Our work

  • We support target pupils in the core curriculum, and teach small EAL withdrawal groups.
  • We offer information, support and advice to staff, including joint lesson-planning and resource development, to ensure accessibility to the curriculum for our target groups.
  • We interview and assess newly-arrived pupils, liaise with parents, mentor target pupils, and assist with pastoral support.
  • We offer extended-school time including homework help and enrichment activities.
  • We support the maintenance of home languages and enter pupils for Community Language GCSEs where possible.
  • We track and monitor the progress of ethnic minority pupils.