Principles of Assessment at Ark Walworth Academy:

  • Assessment is key to progress.

  • Effective assessment is regular, robust, recorded, responded to and use to inform which content to reteach.

Different forms of assessment at Walworth Academy:


Each Lesson:

  • Informal assessment will happen in every lesson and will be used frequently at pre-planned points in the lesson to check for understanding.

  • Live marking will happen in every lesson while young people are working independently, targeted at key groups of young people.


Over time:

  • Weekly low stakes knowledge-based quizzes on Showmyhomework will check and consolidate learning from that week.

  • Tri-Weekly assessments will take place online using Showmyhomework and will check and consolidate learning from the previous 3 weeks.


  • Each full term there will be a summative assessment or online diagnostic assessment for years 7-10 and 12 which assess all prior learning up to that stage.


We use Weekly, Tri-Weekly and Full-term assessments to inform our teaching practice. We use the information gathered to identify the most common gaps in learning. We then spend time weekly identifying the most important content or skill that needs to be retaught to ensure that all young people can make rapid progress.


End of Year assessments will take place once in the final term as an opportunity for young people to demonstrate their learning for the whole academic year. These will be sat in exam conditions and families will receive a graded report for this assessment.


Mock Examinations will take place twice per year for year 11 and 13 as preparation for formal examinations. In year 11, the Autumn mock will be full papers for Maths and English only. These examinations will accurately reflect the conditions and content of full external examinations.