CHARGING AND REMISSION POLICY Date of last review: June 2016 Review period: 3 years
Date of next review: June 2019 Owner: Head of Financial Reporting
Type of policy: Statutory/network LGB or Board approval: Board


Charging and Remissions Policy

1. Introduction

Ark Schools recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including clubs, out of school trips, residentials and experiences of other environments, can make towards students’ all-round educational experience and their personal and social development. (Throughout this policy, the term "parents" means all those having parental responsibility for a child).

2. Charging

Our academies will not charge for:

a) Education provided during school hours (including the supply of any materials, books, instruments or other equipment);

b) Education provided outside school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the pupil is being prepared for at the school, or part of religious education

c) Tuition for pupils learning to play musical instruments if the tuition is required as part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the pupil is being prepared for at the school, or part of religious education;

d) Entry for a prescribed public examination, if the pupil has been prepared for it at the school;

e) Admission applications to our academies;

f) Examination re-sit(s) if the pupil is being prepared for the re-sit(s) at the school, except where the request for the re-sit is made solely by the parent and not the academy.

g) Transporting registered pupils to or from the school premises, or an alternative venue at which the governing body or local authority has arranged for pupils to be educated and where the local authority has a statutory obligation to provide transport.

h) Transport that enables a pupil to meet an examination requirement when the pupil has been prepared for that examination at the school.

Transport provided in connection with an educational visit which is part of the National Curriculum. Our academies reserve the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for optional extra activities organised by the academy:

a) School trips and residentials in school time: the board and lodging element of the residential experience and / or outdoor pursuit courses;

b) Activities outside school hours: the full cost for each student of transport journeys, trips and overnight accommodation and subsistence in the United Kingdom and abroad which take place at weekends and during holidays, which are deemed to be optional extras;

c) Materials: the cost of materials or ingredients for subjects where parents have indicated in advance that they wish to own the final product;

d) Instrumental or vocal tuition: (i) the cost of any instruments, equipment, facilities and staff provided in connection with the provision of tuition outside school hours. (ii) following a specific request by a parent for tuition in school hours unless this is an essential part of the national curriculum or provided under the first access to Key Stage 2 Instrumental and Vocal Tuition Programme.

e) Acts of vandalism and negligence: our academies reserves the right to recover part, or the whole cost, of damage to buildings or equipment which is the result of vandalism or negligence by a pupil/student;


f) Examination fees: if a student has not regularly attended the lessons for a particular examination subject, the examination fee may be requested, refundable if the student attends for examination.

If, without a medical certificate explaining the reason, a student fails to complete examination requirements for any public examination for which the academy has paid an entry fee, the academy may seek to recover the fee from the parent.

There may be a charge for examination entry where there is a request from the parent for additional subject entries to be made or for a module or whole exam to be re-taken.

3. Remissions

Our academies may remit charges in full or in part to other parents after considering specific hardship cases. The academy invites parents to apply, in the strictest confidence, for the remission of charges in part or in full. The Principal holds discretion to authorise remission.

Charges for board and lodging are automatically remitted where the parents meet certain criteria. Since April 2003 the eligibility criteria that entitle families to an exemption from paying for the cost of board and lodging on residential visits have been aligned with free school meals eligibility criteria. This exemption including how receiving certain state benefits will automatically qualify for remission will be reiterated in any correspondence regarding a residential trip.

4. Insurance

Any insurance costs will be included in charges made for trips or activities.

5. Voluntary contributions

Nothing in this policy statement precludes our academies from inviting parents to make voluntary contributions. Our academies should make clear that such contributions are entirely voluntary, that children of parents who do not contribute will not be discriminated. Our academies will make it clear that if insufficient contributions are received, in certain circumstances, the trip may have to be cancelled.

6. Charging and Remissions Procedures

a) Staff organising a trip, visit, club or activity will notify parents in advance of any likely costs. This will be done by letter, with a reply slip for parents to accept the proposed costs. The letter will contain details of remission arrangements as set out in the Charging and Remissions Policy.

b) The organising member of staff, in agreement with the academy’s Finance department, will set out the arrangements for collection of costs to parents.

c) The organising member of staff will agree the process for the collection of monies with the academy’s Finance department. Collection of unpaid or late monies will be the responsibility of the academy’s Finance department.

The academy department will keep accounts of all trips, visits, clubs or activities.

7. Legislation

This policy has been written in accordance with sections 449-462 of the Education Act 1996.

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Last update: June 2016