At Ark Walworth Academy we aim to ensure that all our Families concerns are heard in order to support their child’s education. We have the following opportunities in place to involve Families in the quest to raise standards and achievements and improve the quality of life within the Academy:

  1. Parent Council
  2. Parent Drop In
  3. Parent Subject Workshops


1. Parent Council

The Parent Council is body of parents which represents parents and provides a forum for them to put forward their views to the head teacher and governing body of Walworth Academy. The council meet once every half term.

Parent Council Meetings

Parents Council Meetings start at 5.00pm

Parent drop in sessions start at 9.30am

Wednesday 27th November 2019 Tuesday 3rd December 2019
Wednesday 15th January 2020 Tuesday 21st January 2020
Wednesday 11th March 2020 Tuesday 17th March 2020
Wednesday 13th May 2020 Tuesday 19th May 2020
Wednesday 8th July 2020  


If you would like to become part of the Parent Council or have any questions, please contact Ms Hales at




'When we were looking at schools for my daughter, who’s disabled, Walworth Academy was one of four we visited, and the only one to welcome us with a genuine enthusiasm.  We felt immediately welcomed and, as the Principal spoke with such passion about the WA students and their achievements, both academic and non-academic, it was impossible not to be moved by his fervour and belief in every one of our children. The interaction between staff and students was calm and respectful, too, exemplifying the advantages of the ‘small schools model’, where everyone gets to know each other, and is included.  That, for me, was the school’s ‘unique selling point’, not least because my girl was the only student to transfer to Walworth from her primary school and was very shy.  I needn’t have worried.  An induction week in the summer, and a residential trip in her first term, saw her settle in well and build one or two long-lasting friendships, so that, today, she is a different person: more confident and outgoing, doing things that other teenagers do, which is great to see. A number of things have changed in the past few years - the school has a ‘new’ Principal, small schools are arranged in year groups and the timetable has changed - but I’m pleased to say that the school’s culture of inclusion remains the same.  Students are encouraged to ‘be the best they can be’ and are regularly rewarded for their efforts, acts of kindness and response to personal challenges.  Parents are encouraged, too, to drop in ‘any time’, volunteer their services, attend workshops, join the Parents’ Council and make suggestions for improvement.  Communication is key, and the school is constantly looking for new ways in which to engage parents in their child’s education and work in partnership with families to develop confident individuals, equipped with ‘the currency’ they need to succeed in the adult world.  It’s a great school and I’m glad we chose it together and are part of the Walworth Academy ‘Family’.

- Ms A. Miles


'Our Son is sitting his GCSE's as I write this and he could not have been any better prepared. The expectation from Year 7 upwards is that our children will be given every opportunity possible to, and I quote "be the best that they can be", and this has certainly been our experience. The focus, encouragement, inspiration and support from the Teachers and Management from the top down has been exceptional overall.  As Parents we have been welcomed by the Academy to be partners in supporting our child's learning, they ensured that any concerns or issues raised were heard and resolved in a timely and effective manner. We have always been made to feel that our views and opinions are valuable and our involvement and participation has been actively encouraged.

We looked at other schools in the area before Walworth Academy, but Walworth has certainly turned out for the best and we would not hesitate in recommending this school to any Parent or Student.'

- Ms Lowney