At Walworth Academy, we support inclusive education. We believe that comprehensive education should cater for the full range of needs and welcome moves to give students with special needs full access to the curriculum. Our objectives are:

• To make special needs identification, assessment and provision the responsibility of all members of staff.
• To ensure SEN Students move from dependency to independence.
• To recognise the wide range of special needs within the school and that needs must be met on an individual basis.
• To ensure that all students are engaged in learning activities appropriate to their abilities.
• To develop the curriculum in order to ensure access for students with special needs as well as enhanced learning opportunities for all students.
• To ensure that systems are in place to monitor the individual learning needs of all students and meet their needs accordingly.
• To recognise the achievements of students with special needs and so build their self-esteem and status among their peers.
• To encourage students to monitor and take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.
• To develop a positive approach to special needs which build on student’s strengths rather than concentrating on their weaknesses.
• To encourage links across curriculum areas in order to develop the curriculum and better meet the needs of individuals (Differentiation).
• To forge and maintain inclusive relationships with parents and carers.
• To narrow the gap between students with different types of SEN and their peers.

Our SEND contact is Ms Azemina Miftaroska



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AWA Accessibility Plan

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions