The welfare and safety of our students will always be our priority. We will continue to do everything possible to secure our students safety in school and outside school. We will work with all relevant agencies to address any issues related to child protection as well as doing all we can to secure student safety within our community.

Ark Walworth Academy have specialist staff and a number of trained staff who have been designated to act and liaise with social services in cases related to child protection.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) - Ms Sharon Davies (Vice Principal) Ext: 670

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) - Ms Karen Wood Ext: 667

The safeguarding team, fully trained Level 3, are:

  • Ms Prudence Banseka
  • Mr James English

Every adult plays a critical role in preventing and addressing child abuse. Early detection is an essential role as staff have daily contact with students.

AWA Safeguarding Policy Sept 2018- Sept 2019

AWA Safeguarding Policy - Appendix A

AWA Safeguarding Policy - Appendix B

AWA Safeguarding Policy - Appendix C

Recruitment and Appointment Policy - Appendix D

Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance

Children Missing in Education Policy

Use of Reasonable Force Guidance

Please see our E-Safety Policy here >> AWA E-Safety Policy


Last updated September 2018