Principal's Welcome

Ark Walworth Academy:

Ark Walworth Academy is a family – we have family values, family support and family aspirations. We aim to counteract and overcome the challenges within our community through our steadfast values:  Ark Walworth Academy CARES.

Strong, sincere relationships and trust with a culture of continual learning underpin the foundations on which we will provide outstanding progress for our students. We have very high expectations of our students and of ourselves and whilst we genuinely care and invest in our students and staff, we also provide  ‘tough love’: good is not good enough.

Ark Walworth Academy is a safe, happy and ambitious 11-18 Academy. We serve a richly ethnic diverse community where 63% of students are pupil premium. We have many challenges and distractions in our community, however, once students walk through our gates, our students know that our expectations are high and we will not tolerate any behaviours that are less than our expectations.

We are here to serve our community and although Southwark operates a banding system, Ark Walworth Academy does not implement this admissions policy; instead we admit all students who want to come and join our family. As an Ark Academy, our mission is resolute as we continue ‘to make sure that every pupil can go to university or a career of their choice’. We are a values driven institution and Ark Walworth Academy CARES:

Commitment - Maximum effort in everything you do – all the time with no excuses.

Aspiration - Always strive to be better, constantly reaching beyond your limits.

Resilience - Never give up – keep pushing and keep trying.

Excellence - Be the best you can be every day. Have pride and confidence in your success.

Self-Management - Do the right thing – never have to be asked.

These values underpin our interactions, communications and behaviours and they apply to all members of our Academy family.

We have the trust of our students and parents and therefore a strong Tell Us culture, which is essential to ensure our values are upheld.

Over the last few years we have raised the students’ aspirations and actively and readily promoted university as being within all students’ possibility, should that be their choice. Much of this work has begun to broaden the students’ experiences outside their local postcode and beyond. The culture of our school has changed significantly over the last 4 years, to an institution that is all about learning and progress through hard work. Our 6th Form for example will soon be at capacity, providing for example, superb opportunities and experiences as the spring board to Russell Group and good universities.

We are fully aware that whilst progress over time is improving, we are never complacent or satisfied with good. We also know that with our unrelenting focus on delivering greater progress in lessons, that this is a sustainable and continual developmental strategy at the heart of our future greater success. At Ark Walworth Academy we are continually evaluating, learning and refining so that we build a high-quality community Academy, where students can achieve exceptional progress and develop the right qualities and values to effect a positive change in society.

If you want to be integral to our journey and mission, we shall warmly welcome you into the Ark Walworth Academy family.

Yvonne Powell OBE