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Extract of latest Ofsted report:

This is a Good school.

  • The percentage of students achieving good GCSE grades in English and mathematics has been at least above average since the previous inspection.
  • In 2014, the percentage of students attaining the EBacc qualification matched the national average.
  • Students behave well and all of them get on well together. The vast majority are ambitious and work hard in lessons.
  • Students make good progress in practically all their lessons and standards are rising rapidly.
  • The sixth form is good. It has been transformed during the last couple of years. Students study carefully balanced combinations of subjects which prepare them well for their future lives. Students mature into confident young adults.
  • The pastoral care and support for students are outstanding. Students value the safety and security the academy gives them. They and their parents and carers appreciate its valuable work in the community.
  • Students enjoy academy life: ‘I like loads of things, especially the staff’ (Year 9 student).
  • The Principal’s dynamic leadership has generated rapid improvements in many areas of the academy’s work. She is ably backed by the ARK organisation and the governing body.
  • The senior leadership team, middle leaders and all other staff are fully supportive of the Principal’s plans for the future; they work effectively and energetically to deliver them.
  • Senior leaders organise high-quality professional development for all staff and regularly use external specialists to validate the academy’s work. Both these contribute to focus on success for all.
  • Teaching has moved into a higher gear in recent months. Teachers and support staff are equally focused on making students’ learning enjoyable and successful.
  • The range of subjects taught is innovative. Provision for students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is strong. Health and safety issues which students encounter outside school are tackled head-on and fearlessly by the academy.


Ark Walworth Academy Performace Data

GCSE Results 2016

The school's Progress 8 score was -0.01 which means students made expected progress from Key Stage 2 to 4, in line with the majority of schools in England

2016 Key Stage 4 Performance Headlines Score Commentary
KS2 – KS4 (Year 7 to 11)  Progress 8 of pupils:  -0.01        

(Confidence Interval  -0.18 to +0.16)

Progress from Year 7 to 11 is average, in line with the majority of schools in England.
Year 11 Average Attainment 8 of pupils 48.3 Average attainment in Year 11 is in line with average across England’s schools.        

(Approximately equivalent to C grade)

Percentage of pupils achieving a Grade C or better in English and Maths GCSE at the end of Year 11 57% Percentage achieving English and Maths GCSE is in line with the average across England’s schools.
Percentage of  pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate 26% Percentage achieving the English Baccalaureate is above the average across England’s schools.


Sixth form results 2016

Again the school surged ahead with a strong progress performance in the Vocational qualification route, meaning students made better than expected progress. In the Academic A-Level route students’ performance was in line with expected progress.


2016 Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines Score Commentary
KS4 - 5 (Year 12 to 13) Progress of students:       

Academic A Level route


Vocational qualification route


(Confidence Interval  -0.32 to +0.19)


(Confidence Interval  +0.57 to +1.09)

A Level qualification progress from Year 12 to 13 is average, in line with the majority of 16-19 providers in England.       


Vocational qualification progress from Year 12 to 13 is above the majority of 16-19 providers in England.

Year 13 Average Attainment grade       

Academic A level route




Distinction *

Progress students have made in retaking English and Maths GCSE Not applicable  
Retention:  The proportion of students that are retained to the end of Year 13.       

Academic A Level route

Vocational qualification route



Retention is above the average for the majority of 16-19 providers in England.
Destination:  The percentage of students who continue in education, training or employment. 76% (March 2017)       

93% (June 2017)

11% unknown destination


Ark Walworth Academy Destinations Summary

AWA Destinations Summary 2017


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