Modern Foreign Language (MFL)



In French and Spanish lessons at Walworth, students are taught through a communicative and interactive approach. They explore the contemporary culture of France and Spain and other French and Spanish speaking countries, encouraging them to engage with the wider-world and to take an interest in our global society.

During the course, students achieve a confident grasp of the language associated with self and personal relationships, and progress to include language associated with the outside world. Students also develop a critical approach to analysing texts and acquire a sound knowledge of a wide spectrum of social, technological and cultural phenomena that will support their personal and academic development.


Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 most students will study a Modern Foreign Language:  either French or Spanish

Students get 1 homework each week and will be required to learn vocabulary for a test each week.


Year 7

3 periods a week

Term 1

Myself  -Alphabet,  personal information, name, age, where I live

Classroom language, classroom objects and school equipment, colours

Numbers 1-50

Birthdays, months, days of the week, pets.


Term 2

Family – Brothers and sisters, appearance and characteristics

Numbers 50-100



Term 3

School – School subjects, opinions, description of teachers, adjectives


Term 4

School – School day, daily routine, telling the time

Numbers 100-1000


Term 5

Sports - talking about sports you play and sports you do and when with opinions


Term 6

Hobbies – what you do in your free time, places in town – where you do hobbies, what you do before and after school


Year 8

4 periods a week

Term 1

Recap Y7 with focus on different tenses


Term 2

Food and Drink– What you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ordering from menu, buying foods and drinks.


Term 3

Holidays –Where are you going to go, with whom, future tense

What would you like to do, visit, see, conditional tense

Where you went, with whom, for how long, how you travelled, past tense.


Term 4

Holidays – transactional language (at the restaurant, tourist office, at the station, buying tickets, souvenirs, getting lost)


Term 5

House and Home – Where you live, rooms in the house, describing your bedroom, daily routines


Term 6

My Area – describing your area in detail, what you can and cannot do, advantages and disadvantages, local issues and environmental problems



Key Stage 4

 At the Walworth Academy students start their GCSE course in either French or Spanish in Year 9



EDEXCEL GCSE French (2016)



EDEXCEL GCSE Spanish (2016)





Listening and understanding in French / Spanish –

Comprehension in French/ Spanish and English


Speaking in French / Spanish –

1. Role play

2. Picture narration 

3. Conversation


Reading and understanding in French / Spanish –

Comprehension in French/ Spanish and English


Writing in French / Spanish –

1. Narration using informal register

2. Narration using formal register 

3. Translation




Students in key Stage 4 will receive 1 vocabulary learning and 1 written homework each week.


Year 9

4 periods a week


Term 1 and 2

ID and culture



Term 3 and 4




Term 5 and 6

Future aspirations, study and work


Year 10

4 periods a week

Term 1 and 2

Local Area



Term 3 and 4

Holiday and travel



Term 5 and 6

International dimension


Year 11

4 periods a week

Term 1 and 2



Term 3 and 4

Revision and exam preparation


Term 4 and 5

Terminal examinations





Who and how to contact for additional information.


Sharon Davies HOD

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Useful Websites /Books etc.


EDEXCEL text book for GCSE students


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We encourage and support students who speak another language at home and try to ensure that these students have the opportunity to take a GCSE in their home language. Students will be assessed for their ability to do this.