Early Closure on 18.09.18

The Academy will Close early on Tuesday 18th September.

Students will be dismissed at 14.30pm.


Assessment at Ark Walworth Academy

In years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (English & Maths), your child will receive a grade based on new GCSE grades. These will run from 1, which is the lowest grade, to 9, which is the top. The grade your child receives will be the grade that we would expect them to get at the end of year 11, if they continue to work hard and do the work required of them. A Grade 5 is the grade the government has said will be a good pass. Grade 4 is equivalent to the old Grade C.

Your child will be given a personalised target’s in each subject, which is located in their exercise books. If they meet this consistently, they will be making good progress. Progress will also be indicated by the colour of the report as set out below.  The key to improving the grade or Attitude to learning is increasing effort and hard work.

These grades are based on long-term predictions. The grade your child gets is the grade we would expect them to get at the end of year 11 if they continue to work hard and do the work required of them. It does not mean that they could get that grade in a GCSE if they took the exam tomorrow.  This is known as Age related assessment, so for example, a Grade 5 test will get harder as the progress up the school.  So the learner will appear to stay on a grade 5, but as the assessments are getting harder, they are in fact making progress. 

To improve from Red’s and Ambers the student must work harder and increase effort in school and by revising at home.  Effort is the key to success!

If you have any further questions, please contact any Director of Progress or Head of Department and they will explain further.

Explanation of new reports

It follows the same key to grades as in the past, it tells you how far above or below target the student is.

For Yr 7 to 9, no “working at grade” will appear on the report, just the colour coding telling the student how far away they are from their target.  This is to avoid focusing on the grade, and force the learning conversation towards effort, hard work and how to improve.

Please have a look at our video talking more on how our assessment are done (just click on the image).