Admissions Policy

Admissions for Year 7 in 2018

We have 180 places available in year 7 each year. The process for admitting pupils in September 2018 is now underway.  We held our Open Days in September and October and these are now complete.  Parents should by now have applied for their children using the Common Application Form.  The deadline for applications was 31st October, 2017.  If, for any reason, you have not already applied you should immediately contact your home Local Authority for advice.  For Southwark residents, please go to: Southwark admissions team

Parents seeking Year 7 admission for their children in September 2018 cannot apply direct to secondary schools: application can be made only through the Local Authority of the place where their child lives.  Parents are strongly advised to ask for help from their child’s primary school about this.

Please note that all parents of Year 6 children will notified at the beginning of March 2018 by the Local Authority about which school their children have been allocated to.

Please note that Walworth has no supplementary forms and co-operates with the London-wide secondary schools admission process.


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View a copy of our current prospectus

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Admission to other year groups

Which school year would my child be in?

Current Year 7, - for children who will become 12 on or before 31st August 2018

Current Year 8, - for children who will become 13 on or before 31st August 2018

Current Year 9, - for children who will become 14 on or before 31st August 2018

Current Year 10, - for children who will become 15 on or before 31st August 2018

Current Year 11, - for children who will become 16 on or before 31st August 2018


My child has just come to UK from abroad and lives in Southwark.  OR

My child has just moved to Southwark, and their last school was outside Southwark.

You need to register with Southwark Local Authority.  This is done by filling in the In Year Admissions Form.  It is available online at .  You can get to this site by googling “In year admissions Southwark”.  It must be returned to the Local Authority, the address is on the fourth side of the form, at the bottom.  Southwark then notify us of any applications. 


My child is currently at a Southwark secondary school and I want him/her to transfer to Walworth Academy.

You use the same form as mentioned above .  You can get to this site by googling “In year admissions southwark”.  However, two things are different from above:

You must obtain your child’s current headteacher’s signature on the form.

You must return it to us at WA, not to the Local Authority.

Please note that the agreement of your current headteacher to the transfer does NOT mean that your child will be admitted to WA.  We have to treat every application according to our published criteria – so do not give up the place your child currently has in the hope or expectation that we (or any other school) will automatically be able to admit your child. 

If you would like to find out more about the school, or have any late admissions queries please contact us at or speak in person to Mr Richard Philpot on 020 7450 9570.


Current Over-subscription Criteria for entry to Walworth Academy

Our current over-subscription policy is as follows:

  • Priority is given to students with statements of special educational needs. The remaining places are then offered in the following order of priority:
  • Looked After Children and all previously Looked After Children;
  • Children of staff at the school where there is a demonstrable skill shortage;
  • Children who have a sibling who already attends the school and who will continue to do so on the date of admission (for this purpose “sibling” means a whole, half or step-brother or step-sister or an adopted child resident at the same address);
  • Other children of staff at the school where there is no demonstrable skills shortage;
  • Children who live closest to the school using a straight line distance from the main entrance of the academy to the main entrance to the child’s home.


Ark Network Appeals Procedure

The appeal system is run by an external agency engaged by ARK Schools.  Further information will be posted in due course.


This page was last updated on 29th November, 2017.